Our products can be customized by inserting of LOGO (1) or any other OTHER WORDS (2) and/or made in any moulded COLOR (3).
The customization (1 and 2) is done with the labels that are applied to the product during the rotational molding cycle, so as to be incorporated directly into the product itself, customizing permanently.
This type of customization (1 and 2), unlike the labels applied externally on the product as the screen printing or adhesive labels, can not be damaged by rain, snow, chemicals, solvents, salt water, steam, high-pressure washing or UV.
It’s therefore indestructible and lasts for the life of the product as well as aesthetically very nice. If the product is lacquered, the customization (1 and 2) can also take place through the paint.
All customizations (1, 2 and 3) are available only upon specific request and with order for a minimum quantity.