For cleaning all of our products simply use water and mild detergent. In this way it is possible to easily and quickly remove the dirt that could be created on the surface of the object because of its use. Avoid the use of ethanol or any liquid containing solvents in general. If product is lacquered use a polish cleaner with a soft tissue to remove any scratches.
Due to the particular characteristics of the polyethylene, the raw material used for the production, all products can be left safely outside, then it is subject to the heat of the sun to the cold weather, without any negative consequences.
During installation and whenever acting on the lamp, be sure to disconnect the mains voltage. In the case of malfunctioning of the bulb, first disconnect the mains voltage and then proceed with the replacement of the bulb, then reassemble and plug the tension. Use only the type of bulb designated and may not exceed the maximum established.
All PLART DESIGN pots can be used as chacepot: in this way just enter the plant with is own pot in our product, that would work well even from water reserve.
If you want to use our products directly as pot advisable to enter on their bottom a layer of expanded clay (1) and a layer of hessian (2) and then the plant with its potting soil (3).
If the pot is placed outdoor, it is also recommended drill one or more holes of 8-10 mm on the pot both in the inner part than in the lower external (only for the SMART version and NOT for LIGHT version): in case of rain, this would allow water in excess of exit from the pot.